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The start of the Virtual Academy as part of Youth Day 2024 is announced

The first qualification stage of Youth Day 2024 is over, and we are pleased to announce the start of the Virtual Academy!

This year, we received almost 300 applications from representatives of 40 countries. Based on the results of the entrance test, almost 140 candidates from 30 countries (14 African countries, Russia, Belarus, Bolivia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Mexico, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Philippines) representing about 45 universities were allowed to participate in the Virtual Academy.

In the framework of the Virtual Academy – educational program and the next selection stage of the Youth Day – which will take place on 3 June – 12 July 2024, participants will have lectures by experts and representatives of energy companies on transformation processes in the energy sector, investment climate in the energy sector, natural gas, prospects for nuclear energy, digital technologies in the energy sector and professional development in this industry.

In addition, participants will have several individual assignments to do. Finally, 30 candidates with the best results will get invitation to the Youth Day of SPIGF 2024, which will take place on 8-11 October 2024 in St. Petersburg.

Introduction to the Virtual Academy and Youth Day 2024 by Dmitry Vasilenko, Head of Youth Day 2024, Vice-Rector for International Relation of UNECON

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