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The end of the Virtual Academy and selection results

The first educational stage of the Youth Day 2023 project – the Virtual Academy – is over. Participants were engaged in an intensive course of lectures and dived deeply into the energy topic.

The Virtual Academy took place on 15 July – 31 August 2023 and united 114 participants from different countries of the world (Russia, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, China, CIS countries) representing over 30 universities. Once a week, participants united to have a look at the energy industry from different perspectives. The following topics were covered during online webinars:

In addition, students had to solve some assignments as part of the qualification stage. The first analytical assignment was dedicated to comparative analysis of resources for energy generation. It was needed to develop own evaluation criteria and describe the main advantages and disadvantages of various energy sources in the power sector.

The second one was to write an essay on Basic principles of global energy development for the future in 20 years. Imagining themselves to be a representative of an international organization (UN), each student had to lay down principles that were expected to meet challenges faced by different countries and be strongly argued.

All students were actively involved in the process. Each lecture was followed by a large number of questions, so experts highlighted a good level of education of students and their great interest.

On results of the Virtual Academy and assignments completed, 30 students with the highest marks have got invitation to the main events and activities of the Youth Day of St. Petersburg International Gas Forum which will be held on 31 October – 3 November 2023.

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