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Virtual Academy. Module 2.

May 27, the second study module was completed at the Virtual Academy of the Energy Challenge project. It was dedicated to the topic of “Foresight, a look into the future”. VA participants together with experts tried to determine the trends and technologies, which will form the foundation of our energy future for the next 20-30.

The webinar program of Module 2 was even more intense:

May 7 – Webinar 2.1.Future of gas. Gas in energy transition. Maxim Matuk and Vasiliy Zinin (Gazprom)

May 9 – Webinar 2.2.Cut through the hype: investing in technology to maximise reserve recovery, optimize production and storage to unlock more value in gas industry. Maxim Stein-Khokhlov (Uniper)

May 13 – Webinar 2.3. CCUS from power to Industry. Leon Stille (EDI). This online session was open for a public and attracted many new students from Russian and European universities.

May 16 – Webinar 2.4.Digitalization. Software as a key component for successful energy transition. Patrick von Pattay (Wintershall DEA)

May 20 – Webinar 2.5.Ecology and decarbonization. Keeping track of CO2 and methane emissions: measures and technologies. Konstantin Romanov (Gazprom)

May 23 – Webinar 2.6. Sustainable Investing and Stakeholder Relations in Oil & Gas Industry. Julia Boermann (Wintershall DEA)

May 25 – Webinar 2.7. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in the energy sector: fundamentals and use cases. Jens Weinmann & Christoph Burger (ESMT)

May 27 – Webinar 2.8. Changing market realities in NWE and the role of gas infrastructure in energy transition. Bert Kiewiet (Gasunie)

The key topics that aroused the greatest interest of the audience were decarbonization, as well as digitalization and the use of AI in the energy sector.

Experts and participants will continue to discuss these and other questions in the last third module. The VA organizers from Higher Economic School also plan to invite the wide public to some new webinars. Follow the ads on the website and on Instagram @energyouthday.

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